Media Guide

The Kochava Media Guide is a one-stop-shop for advertisers to research supply sources from supply-side platforms (SSPs) to boutique publishers. The Media Guide is the answer to Advertisers’ quest to understand which traffic and audiences are not yet being accessed and what experience other advertisers have had with a given partner. Read More

Kochava Collective

Kochava Collective

The best in mobile audience targeting at your fingertips. The Collective brings top Publishers and savvy Advertisers together for the most efficient audience targeting in the mobile industry. Kochava, in collaboration with Appia, AdXcel, Altrooz and Liquid, is excited to announce the largest and first-ever collection of cross-publisher mobile audiences. Read More


Kochava Signals

Kochava makes it easy for you to syndicate your data with complete control over which partners receive specific data points. Read More


Industry-Leading Analytics

Kochava not only tracks attributions, it also tracks the lifetime value of the end user, giving you a complete view of the return on your investment (ROI) of your advertising spend and becoming your trusted source for all your mobile data. Read More


Configurable Attribution

Running campaigns without configurable attribution is like driving your car in first gear only – you’ll eventually get where you’re going, but you’re only using a fraction of the car’s power and killing its efficiency. (Plus, it’ll be extremely boring). Read More



SmartLink is a new Kochava tool that gives advertisers the power to auto-direct users to destinations based on factors like device platform, device operating system version, geography and even screen size. The SmartLink ensures that users land at the right destination and have the best possible experience. Read More



Working with a new network? Configure Kochava Alerting based on conversion rates to confirm that delivery is meeting expectations. Read More

Identity Link

Identity Link

Kochava developed a feature called IdentityLink, which allows Kochava customers to associate an internal identifier with a Kochava device ID to manage their audience in unprecedented ways. See More


Kochava Optimization Beacon

With over 20,000 dynamic rules, 4 years of development, and 100,000 campaigns run, the Optimization Beacon® is your turn-key solution for campaign-level optimization. Read More


Re-engage Your Valuable Users

The Kochava platform allows you to identify your existing high value users and trigger new targeted campaigns at the optimal moment when they naturally start to lag. Create, track and optimize a variety of new campaigns beyond your initial user acquisition campaign to increase the overall lifetime value (LTV) of your existing users. Read More