The Free App Analytics platform allows you to identify your existing high-value users and trigger new targeted campaigns at the optimal moment when they naturally start to lag. Create, track and optimize a variety of new campaigns beyond your initial user acquisition campaign to increase the overall lifetime value (LTV) of your existing users.


Deep Linking and how it works

Use deep links and deferred deep links to reengage your valuable users in order to reduce friction by taking users directly to a specific location within an app.
Deep Linking with Kochava

Pinpoint High-Value Customers

Free App Analytics features flexible and comprehensive post-install event tracking to measure and optimize your engagement with the highest-value segments of your customer base. Custom event definitions such as registration, SKUs, level completion, and in-app purchase offer the ability to accurately track customer behavior and visualize it within the industry-leading Kochava Analytics.

Maximize Cross-Device & Multi-Channel Engagement

As the prevalence of connected devices continues to grow, a user’s mobile phone is the hub of these personal ecosystems. By tracking engagements across channels and connected devices, advertisers can understand and optimize to whatever their key performance indicators whether it’s LTV, level-completion or some other event.